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The Sweden-America Foundation

Author: The Sweden-America Foundation

Background: The Sweden-America Foundation was established in June 1919 at the initiative of a group of prominent scientists, business leaders and public opinion makers. The founders and board members included the Nobel laureates and professors in various fields. 

As an awardee, the Sweden-America Foundation has written a reportage about my research in the field of childhood brain cancer.

Reason: The Sweden-America foundation emphasizes on the relationship between Sweden, Canada and the United States by promoting the exchange of scientific, cultural, and practical experiences through presenting fellowships to young professionals to focus on research in the United States, Sweden and Canada. Obtaining and award made me a lifelong member of The Sweden-America Foundation, selecting the future award candidates out of the brightest researchers applying from Sweden, Canada and the United States. The Sweden-America Foundation is highly interested in the impact of my research on life of cancer patients as they currently have limited therapy options.

Selection Criteria: Only the brightest young professionals from Sweden, Canada and/or the United States are eligible to be highlighted by this foundation.

More information about the interview: Visit this link or read the interview.