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Date Published: January 13, 2020

Author: Dr. phil. Utz Anhalt, Article in German

Summary of Article’s Focus:

The article describes the importance of my article in describing the anti-cancer effect of juniper berry.

The research article: Raasmaja A, Stenius U, Ghalali A*. The Water Extract of Juniperus communis L. Induces Cell Death and Sensitizes Cancer Cells to Cytostatic Drugs through p53 and PI3K/Akt Pathways. Int J Mol Sci. 2019 Apr 26;20(9). pii: E2054. (*indicates position as senior author).

To read the full article, please visit this link.

Relevance to Your Original Work:

The article is highly relevant to my original work, because it is written about my finding extensively.

Which of your above projects does this coverage report on?

The article is related to the project: Akt signaling and coordinated changes in the distribution and expression of Akt-regulating phosphatases.