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AZIN1 inhibitor as a target for medulloblastoma treatment

Award Recipient:

Aram Ghalali, as independent investigator.One-year Research Funding.

Awarding Institution:

The Sweden-America Foundation

Who is Eligible to Compete:

The Sweden-America foundation emphasizes on the relationship between Sweden, Canada and the United States by promoting the exchange of scientific, cultural, and practical experiences through presenting fellowships to young professionals to focus on research in the United States, Sweden and Canada. Obtaining this award makes me a lifelong member of The Sweden-America Foundation, selecting the future award candidates out of the brightest researchers applying from Sweden, Canada and the United States.

Selection Criteria:

The quality of the applicant and the importance of the proposed work for the Swedish, American and Canadian society.

Who are the Judges:

The most prominent researchers in the field of oncology gets offer to serve as reviewers/judges. Mainly senior researchers.

Notable Past Award Winners:

Serval important European personalities, among them two prime ministers of Sweden, Nobel prize winners many more.

More information about the award: